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Dog Grooming • Dog bathing • Dog nail clipping

Welcome to Bow Wow Cuts...a family-owned, family-friendly, full-service,
small breed canine salon and dog grooming facility in LaPorte, Indiana

Regular grooming helps keep your pet clean, refreshed, healthy...and looking great!

Many pet owners do not realize how important it is to keep their dogs well-groomed. For example, during summer months it is especially important that a dog's fur coat is cared for so they don't get too hot. Also, if your best friend's nails aren't clipped on a regular basis, it can actually become painful to their paws and legs. Plus, having your dog regularly groomed reduces shedding in your home.

Our Services

Full-service bath & grooming

Prices include: nail trim and hair removal from pads, ear canal hair removal, teeth brushed, express anal glands, undercoat removal, bathe, dry, clip, plus a complimentary bandana and just a little "doggie cologne."

Small dogs that require minimal grooming (like a Chihuahua, etc.) • From $35

Small dogs that require complete grooming (like a Yorkie or Shih Tzu, etc.) • From $40

Medium dogs (like a Cocker Spaniel, etc.) • From $45

We can provide a shave-down, if needed. Just ask. Please note that prices may vary according to your pet's individual needs and degree of difficulty.

Nail trimming

No appointment necessary. during normal business hours.
Small to medium-sized dogs • $12

Please note: if your pet comes in with fleas, we will promptly give them a flea bath and a Capstar (nitenpyram) pill to kill the fleas currently on your pet. The Capstar pill gives your pet fast flea relief, beginning to kill adult fleas on your pet within 30 minutes. You will be charged $8 for the Capstar. This procedure protects your pet and our other best friends during their stay in our shop.